Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blog Re-Launch!

In honor of the resurrection of this blog (it's been dead and back more times than Buffy Summers. Or Jean Grey.), I offer random tidbits from the world of sports.

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Naive Much: New Washington Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb said on Tuesday that he expects cheers when he returns to Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday as the Redskins face the Philadelphia Eagles. Considering how Eagles fans booed McNabb when he was drafted -- and practically every game since, even as McNabb took the team to five NFC Championship Games and one Super Bowl -- I don't see it. If they booed McNabb when he was wearing Eagles green, what makes him think they won't now that he's wearing burgundy and gold?

Crowd Control: Was it wrong for Evan Longoria and David Price to criticize people in Tampa Bay for not showing up for Rays games as the team closes in on a playoff berth (clinched Tuesday night over Baltimore)? Probably ... but that doesn't make them wrong. I understand the economy sucks, I get that the Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg area might not be the most baseball-friendly place in the world. I even get that Tropicana Field is a dump -- but the Rays might win the AL East, clinch home field and advance to the World Series for the second time in three years. Where is everyone?

Backing Boise: I don't care that Virginia Tech lost to James Madison in the second week of the season; nor do I care that Boise State didn't defeat Oregon State by 5,000 points this past Saturday. As far as I'm concerned, the Broncos are still one of the top five teams in the country, and if they run the table, they will deserve a shot at the BCS title. Unfortunately, the way the BCS works, unless Alabama and/or Ohio State stumble along the way, Boise State will likely be shut out again. The Broncos have done everything asked of them, scheduling tough games and winning them, yet they keep getting the shaft.

Moving: In light of the recent suicide of the Denver Broncos' Kenny McKinley, I forward you to an incredibly moving column from Woody Paige of the Denver Post. I know Paige is known for his antics on ESPN's Around the Horn, but he reveals a deep part of himself in an attempt to make sense of McKinley's tragic death, and the result is a hard-hitting piece that everyone should read. Whether you know someone who's committed suicide, suspect someone you love might or have had those thoughts yourself, please ... read this.